Telemedicine for Chronic Heart Failure: An Update

25 novembre 2019

Emmanuel Andrès, Samy Talha, Mohamed Hajjam and Amir Hajjam El Hassani


Numerous non-invasive telemonitoring projects based on connected objects and information and communication technology (ICT) have emerged in the CHF field over the last 10 years. Others are under development, such as the main international randomized telemonitoring studies TELE-HF, TIM-HF, and BEAT-HF, or the French telemonitoring projects SCAD, OSICAT, PIMS, MEDICA, and E-care. The E-care project is a new-generation project supporting patients’ returning home after hospital discharge. It perfectly fits within the framework of telemedicine 2.0 projects, including for the first time artificial intelligence (AI). This project has been specifically designed to automatically detect situations at risk for CHF. The potential contribution of these French projects (OSICAT, E-care), in terms of mortality, morbidity, number of hospitalizations prevented, as well as economic benefits, is currently studied or documented.

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